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Smooth Shiny Skin

Medical Needling is done in clinic by a fully qualified skin therapist. The skin is needled to create tiny channels which in turn tricks the skin into the wound healing process and a cascade of growth factors are triggered which stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. There is no damage to the skin other than a slight "sun-burnt" feeling and the skin should return to normal the next day. This cascade of growth factors promotes smoother, healthier skin. It is recommended to prep the skin with the recommended active Vitamin A and C products provided in clinic which should also be used post treatment for healthier collagen and elastin formation.

By having your treatments regularly and consistently, your skin will always be stimulating new collagen and elastin and you will be able to maintain your skin in an optimal condition for life. For deep scarring, we recommend having weekly treatments for 6 to 8 weeks to break up some of the scar tissue, followed by monthly treatments to continue skin renewal and even out the complexion.

The in clinic pen-based skin needling treatments are performed without topical anaesthetic cream to make it more affordable for clients requiring regular weekly treatments. Most clients manage the treatment very comfortably without anaesthetic cream, and the feedback from clients is that it is irritating, but not painful. However, if you require a more comfortable experience, you can add the topical anaesthetic cream to your skin needling treatment at an additional cost


For the roller method, prescription anaesthetic cream is included in the cost



Topical anaesthetic cream application - $40

Skin needling, face and neck - $145

Add a peel - $20

Add decolletage - $80

Add hands - $49



Skin needling with anaesthetic cream 1st visit, face and neck - $400

This treatment takes approx 1h45mins and includes your skin consultation and application of prescription anaesthetic cream in clinic for 45mins. Thereafter skin needling is performed with traditional rolling followed by the Environ cool peel.


Skin needling with anaesthetic cream, face and neck - $350


Skin needling with anaesthetic cream, decolletage - $200

Skin needling with anaesthetic cream, hands - $150

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