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Kerryn has always believed in treating the skin from the inside out.

At the award winning Medi Skin & beauty clinic, Kerryn believes in providing a detailed, individualised, and scientific approach to every skin she sees. This allows her to address the most challenging skin concerns, to heal, regenerate and replenish your skin for a genuine glow, clarity and long-lasting results. 


With her career in the beauty industry starting over 25 years ago, she has bountiful amounts of experience and knowledge to share. 


Kerryn is a qualified Metagenics dermal practitioner, and as part of the initial consultation, she is able to provide her clients with natural oral skin supplementation in the form of vitamins, minerals and natural medicine for internal health and well being. These assist in correcting imbalances in the body that cause inflammation in the skin such as acne, eczema, PCOS, psoriasis, allergies and aging skin to name a few.


And then as a Dermal therapist, she treats the skin with topical actives through treatments and home protocols to provide so many of her loyal clients with a foundation for truly beautiful and healthy skin inside and out.

Medi Skin and beauty clinic (formerly City Beach Skin Revision) relocated from City beach in 2020 and is now based in the Joondalup area in a purpose built home clinic. This allows her to spend more quality time with her clients in a quiet, private and tranquil setting.


STOCKIST OF : Environ (AWARDED TOP ENVIRON CLINIC 2019), Metagenics Practitioner only natural medicine, Mesoestetic, Cosmelan, Beaute Pacifique, Pelactiv, Dermafix, Dermalogica

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