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The element for skin care experts


Global leader in the medical cosmetics and aesthetic medicine sector


"Only the excellence of our work, our dedication to research and innovation and the proven effectiveness of our products have brought us this far"


Joan Carles Font

Founder and CEO


Mesoestetic offer a wide range of skin care and body care treatments that feature innovative ingredients and release systems, with home care prescriptives to maintain and continue care at home. All products are manufactured with the highest pharmaceutical quality and safety assurance and control standards, using significantly higher concentrations of clinically proven active ingredients than conventional cosmetics and exclusive formulas for maximum efficacy and benefit.

The range includes a wide selection of solutions for creating customised treatments, tailored to the needs of each patient. Specific protocols are provided to include the prevention and preparation phases, the specific treatment steps and the final follow-up and maintenance phase. Effectively targets and improves specific facial skin conditions such as skin ageing, accumulation of melanin, and acne-prone skin.


Mesoestetic have the world’s leading professional brightening methods. They are the number 1 worldwide melasma and pigmentation treatment.

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