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Cosmelan works to fade the appearance of existing pigmentation whilst sedating the formation of future excess production. The active cosmeceutical ingredients are effective yet gentle to ensure comfortable and successful results. The treatment may be performed during any time of the year including throughout the summer. Cosmelan does not contain any aggressive hydroquinone or bleaching agents. A full consultation is included in the treatment cost. The Cosmelan home care pack is part of the protocol and crucial to the success of the treatment to maintain your results.

Home care prescriptives - These are required to help in the healing and repair of your skin after your professional treatment as well as maintain your results. The home care can be purchased without doing the professional treatment. The home care prescriptives include a cleanser, toner, cosmelan 2 cream, 2x masques, 2x moisturisers, and a sunscreen.


Cosmelan peel, consultation plus home care - $1250

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