Beautiful Smile

We believe in a peel with heal approach to treating the skin. Our acclaimed smart peels are fortified with healing minerals, plant stem cell technology and botanicals that are rich in antioxidants to help the skin recover faster and boost beautiful results. Each peel is precisely designed to brighten and repair damaged skin while firming it for a younger, healthier appearance after just one treatment. The peels can be performed on most skin types. However, for best results, we would recommend booking in for a skin consultation so that we can recommend the appropriate home care prescriptives to achieve faster and more effective results.

Clinical peel spot treatment - $40


Clinical peel - all skin types - $90

Advanced clinical peel - $110


The advanced peels can be performed on most skin types after a thorough skin consultation, a few weeks of in clinic prepping with more gentle peels and the correct home care prescriptives. The advanced peels include Jessner, Salicylic BHA's. TCA and Jessner is only for Fitzpatrick 1 and 2 type skins.