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SHR stands for SUPER HAIR REMOVAL and is fantastic for those large areas that in the past have taken such a long time to do with the traditional stamping method. SHR fires multiple shots with lower joules, (joules are the energy/heat used to destroy the hair follicle) we call this bulk heating. This way we are gently heating the hair follicle and treating a larger area much faster and safer and pain free. We use a continuous sweeping motion, back and forth along the area being treated. Each section takes around 10 seconds to bulk heat. You will feel a warm tingling sensation that is very comfortable and almost feels like a warm massage. However, we do still use the IPL standard pulse/stamping method for some smaller stubborn areas.

PLEASE NOTE : The area to be treated should be shaved 24 hours prior to appointment to avoid any sensitivity, and ensure that there are no residual hairs left on the skin from shaving. There is a $60 charge for shaving and cleaning areas to be treated.

Lip - $55

Chin - $55

Jawline - $110

Cheeks - $110


Sideburns - $95

Full face - $195

Neck - $120

Underarms - $70

Standard bikini - $80

G-string bikini - $100

Snail trail - $60

Brazilian - $120


Buttocks - $120

Half leg - $195

¾ leg - $250

Full leg - $295

Top leg - $160

Half arm - $150

¾ arm - $185

Full arm - $230

Shaving of area to be treated - $60

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