Natural Beauty

Collagen induction facial - $220

Our most popular treatment in clinic as it includes a deep cleanse, peel and skin needling on the  face and neck. It treats a multitude of different skin concerns from wrinkles, dilated capillaries, telangectasia, acne, scarring, pigmentation, and uneven skin texture to name a few. A deep cleanse is done with an exfoliating masque and steam, extraction of blackheads and milia, skin is assessed for appropriate peel or exfoliation medium. Prior to skin needling, we apply serums containing Vit A, C and E as well as growth factors, peptides, and hyaluronic acid. Skin needling creates micro channels in the skin which allows active ingredients to reach the target cells more efficiently, which in turn stimulates collagen and elastin production. Please note, that no anaesthetic cream is used for this treatment. Client comfort is of the utmost importance to us, and depth of needle penetration is adjusted according to client tolerance. 6 or more treatments are recommended for best results every 4 weeks.

Collagen induction facial with firming peptide enzyme masque - $320

Enzyme Therapy treatments after skin needling improve the skin’s ability to restore vital cellular nutrition and oxygenation required for cellular regeneration. Enzyme Therapy stimulates collagen production, restoring structural integrity back to the skin whilst being suitable for a wide range of conditions such as ageing skin, sun damage, acne, rosacea and pigmentation.

Collagen induction facial with Environ DF machine infusion - $295

The DF machine will take your skin needling treatments to the next level.  Specific Environ ingredients used in DF treatments such as vitamin A, C and growth factors give enhanced results. This innovative system helps with the penetration of the active vitamins and essential growth factors into the skin and provides fast, effective results.

Mesotherapy vita infusion facial - $269

A phenomenal treatment using Mesoestetics advanced skin care for reducing the signs of aging. This treatment is for all skin types, and all ages, and caters for clients wanting a results based skin needling treatment combined with the relaxation component of a classical facial. It is a wonderful first treatment if you are wanting to try a gentle skin needling infusion with little to no downtime. It includes a deep cleansing facial to remove any blackheads and congestion, a recommended peel for your skin type, a gentle meso skin needling infusion with our dermapen and the appropriate serum, followed by a relaxing massage, and finishing with a hydrating meso crystal fibre masque saturated with active ingredients and hyaluronic acid.

IPL skin rejuvenation with deep cleanse and cooling mask - $320 - Allow 90mins

Intense Pulsed Light or better known as IPL is a skin treatment that uses lasers, intense pulsed light, or photodynamic therapy to treat skin conditions and remove effects of photoaging such as wrinkles, spots, and textures.

The process induces controlled wounds on the skin, prompting it to heal itself by creating new cells.

The same treatment can be used effectively on all areas of the body.

IPL skin rejuvenation treatments can be effectively used to treat:

–               Freckles, sunspots and other hyperpigmented areas

–               Acne (the light energy destroys bacteria colonising your skin)

–               Sun damage and/or redness

–               Broken capillaries

–               Uneven skin tone


IPL skin rejuvenation with deep cleanse and firming peptide mask - $370 - Allow 2 hours

Full face IPL skin rejuvenation with a deep cleanse facial to remove any impurities followed by the firming peptide mask to tone, tighten and brighten skin.